policies and procedures

The daycare hours: we are a 24 hours daycare, you have your choice of attending the first shift (5:30 am - 6:00 pm), second shift (2:00 pm - 12:00 am) or third shift (10:00 pm - 8:00 am) within the twenty-four hours. Please call us for details and questions.

HOLIDAYS  We acknowledge 9 holidays each year: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and others.

Parents are informed of the activities of the center through monthly newsletters. In the newsletter you will find information about class activities, field trips, children menu and etc.  There are two parent conferences during the year, one in the fall and one in the spring. Parents are encouraged to visit the center at any time to review minimum standards, licensing inspection report and to discuss policies and procedures of the center.

Upon arrival to and departure from the center, each child must be signed in on the Sign In/ Out sheet at the front of the building. To secure the safety of each child, parents/ guardians must have in writing upon enrollment, the person or persons who are permitted to pick up the child. The proper identification must be presented if anyone other than the parent/ guardian is to pick up the child.

Children are encouraged to wear play clothes and tennis shoes. Daily activities include active and messy play, and the children should feel comfortable enough to enjoy themselves without worrying about their clothes. Pre-K has a uniform that is required everyday.


Staff shall provide each child with guidance that helps the child acquire positive self-concept. Discipline and behavior guidance used by each caregiver will at all times be constructive, positive, and suited to the age of the child. The following rules and standards will apply in the center. 

To prevent unacceptable behavior from occurring, the staff will: 

   · Model appropriate behavior 

   · Arrange the classroom environment to enhance the learning of the behaviors that are acceptable. 

   · Use descriptive praise when appropriate behavior is occurring (i.e. “Look how high you’re building the blocks “Lets count them”)

All meals and snacks are prepared by the center. Nutritious meals and snacks are prepared and served according to the (CACFP) Child and Adult Care Food Program. No foods should be sent to the center with your child. The Basic food group requirements are offered to children.  Our meals are inviting and healthy for your child(s) normal growth. We are monitored by the Health Department on a monthly basis.

Breakfast - 6:30am | Lunch - 11:00am | PM Snack - 3:15pm 


Parents are allowed to celebrate their child’s birthday at the center during the PM Snack. Our lesson plans include different special events through-out the year. Parents are encouraged to attend and take part of all events at the center. 


Start Smart provides transportation from center to school and back we do not provide service from your home to day care. Some children can be arranged to be picked up from home on a per case basis at the discretion of the directors.

The center must have on file for each child a signed permission for health care authorizing emergency care and transfer of medical records to the local hospital.  Emergency numbers for reaching the parent or guardian and another authorized person should also be on file (parents must notify the center immediately if their emergency numbers have changed). ​

​All staff members on duty have had first-aid training and CPR.  

Medications are kept out of reach of the children. Any non-prescription medication to be administered at the center, such as aspirin, cough syrup, etc. must be accompanied by the parent’s written permission. Any prescription medication to be administered by a staff member must be in its original container and be labeled. The label is to contain the child’s name, physician’s name, pharmacist, medication dosage, frequency, and expiration date if applicable. This information is checked when receiving the medication from the parent/guardian authorizing its administration. Any contents of any drug container without a label or with an illegible label cannot be administered to children. Medications having a specific expiration date are not used after the date of expiration. 

Breast Feeding Parents has the right to breastfeed or provide breast milk for their child while in care within the child classroom.


Start Smart reserves the right to discontinue service to anyone who meets the guidelines. 

   · Failure to pay daycare fees 

   · Child has a persistent behavioral problem such as biting, or unusual or dangerous aggression to self and others.

   · Childs daily behavior is so disruptive that it interferes with the harming and development of other children


Start Smart Academy advertises for children in the public media in order to make openings known to all. Children are admitted regardless of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion and political beliefs of handicapping condition.